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Senate Democrats block GOP's Zika funding bill

28 June 2016 18:41:07 FOX News

Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked a Republican proposal to provide $1.1 billion to fight the Zika virus, faulting the GOP for packing the measure with restrictions on Planned Parenthood money and changes to policies on pesticide spraying.

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Ex-Bridgeport hospital official facing sex assault charges found dead

28 June 2016 18:41:06 News - The Bulletin

BRIDGEPORT — A former hospital official facing charges he forcibly administered enemas and secretly photographed a dozen victims has been found dead.News 12 reports that 62-year-old Barry Barkinsky of Stamford died from an apparent suicide at home. His body was discovered by Stamford police Monday, the station said.Barkinsky, an instructor and emergency manager at Bridgeport Hospital, had faced four counts of fourth-degree sexual assault and 10 counts of

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Google Earth just got way better

28 June 2016 18:31:49 World business news -

Google Earth got an upgrade with new data and images from a NASA satellite, Landsat 8.

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How low can bond rates go after Brexit?

28 June 2016 18:31:49 World business news -

Treasury yields have dipped following the Brexit vote and are near record lows. Some think that a yield of 1% on the 10-Year is possible. That may be good for borrowers but it's another sign of the fear permeating throughout the market.

Více Bussines Time28 June 2016 18:31:49

Lena Dunham slams Kanye West's new 'Famous' music video

28 June 2016 18:21:57 - RSS Channel - Entertainment

Creator of HBO series "Girls," Lena Dunham condemns Kanye West for his "sickening" new "Famous" music video, calling out the rapper for his misogynistic portrayal of women.

Více Entertainment Time28 June 2016 18:21:57

Winona Ryder: Depp was never abusive to me

28 June 2016 18:21:57 - RSS Channel - Entertainment

Winona Ryder says she doesn't know the Johnny Depp his soon to be ex-wife has described.

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President Obama's 'GOT' challenge

28 June 2016 18:21:56 - RSS Channel - Entertainment

Více Entertainment Time28 June 2016 18:21:56

North American leaders meet with Brexit, Trump clouding ties

28 June 2016 18:20:50 News - The Bulletin

The shadow of Brexit and rising protectionist sentiment loom large as President Barack Obama meets his North American counterparts to bolster the world's largest trading bloc. Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto hold the so-called Three Amigos summit Wednesday in Ottawa, with fallout from the U.K.'s vote last week to leave the European Union raising pressure to show confidence in their own alliance. The countries will vow to

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The Daily 202: Gun control group to attack several vulnerable Republican senators

28 June 2016 18:20:50 News - The Bulletin

Everytown for Gun Safety, Michael Bloomberg's gun control organization, is targeting several vulnerable Republican senators in the push for gun control legislation after last week's surprisingly successful (publicity-wise) House Democratic sit-in, according to The Washington Post's Karoun Demirjian. At the top of their list are GOP Sens. Kelly Ayotte, N.H., Ron Johnson, Wisc., Marco Rubio, Fla., Jeff Flake, Ariz., and Dean Heller, Nev. The lone Democrat they intend to pressure is

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NBCUniversal to provide record 6,755 hours from Rio Olympics

28 June 2016 18:20:49 News - The Bulletin

STAMFORD - NBCUniversal's TV and digital networks will show a record 6,755 hours of action during this summer's Rio Olympics. The previous high was 5,535 hours from the 2012 London Games.The company said Tuesday that the main NBC network will broadcast more than 260 hours, including the opening and closing ceremonies and extensive coverage of swimming, gymnastics and track and field.Rio is just one hour ahead of the

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The Latest: Pulse had twice exits needed; 1 inoperable

28 June 2016 18:18:05 FOX News

The Latest on the mass shooting at a gay Orlando nightclub that left 49 people dead (all times local): 11:30 a.m.

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Brexit could mean loss of English among official EU languages

28 June 2016 18:16:26 RSS Feed from The Middletown Press:

BRUSSELS European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had a message for Britain on Tuesday. He delivered it in French. With the impending British exit from the European Union, the polyglot Babel that has 24 official languages may soon strike English off the list, according to officials here, who note the change with a mixture of sadness and glee.

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Bryant 9’s bid for State title dashed

28 June 2016 18:08:18 Bryant Daily | Local Sports and more Bryant, Arkansas

ARKADELPHIA — The Bryant 9-year-old All-Stars ousted one Little Rock Junior Deputy All-Star team to stave off elimination but couldn’t conquer a second one as their bid for a State Tournament championship was foiled on Monday, just a win away from the losers bracket final. The Bryant 9’s, managed by Brad Chism, include John Thomas

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Parents Forcing Teen Son to Live in Tent as Punishment

28 June 2016 18:07:08 US – The Epoch Times

BELEN, N.M. — A New Mexico family is drawing scrutiny for punishing their troubled teenage son by making him live in a tent in the desert. Jacob and Angela Boggus say they banished their 16-year-old son to the tent outside …

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Dad who placed newspaper ad trying to find wife for his son gets 12 prospects

28 June 2016 18:01:42 FOX News

The father of a Salt Lake City businessman who placed an Idaho newspaper ad seeking women interested in marrying his 48-year-old son has received about a dozen inquiries.

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Air Force colonel claims military's adultery law discriminates against heterosexuals

28 June 2016 18:01:41 FOX News

Attorneys for a high-ranking Air Force officer are seeking to have the adultery charges against him dismissed based on claims that the military's law banning extramarital sex discriminates against heterosexuals.

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For Hillary Clinton, the Benghazi damage has been done

28 June 2016 18:00:39 News - The Bulletin

Last month, researchers at Fairleigh Dickinson University asked a number of Americans whether or not they believed in a variety of political conspiracy theories.Did they think that it was definitely true, for example, that George W. Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks before they happened? That President Barack Obama is hiding personal details from his background? That global warming is a myth?Most people said that none of the six theories presented were definitely true -- but the

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Paul McCartney was 'so confused' on Brexit that he couldn't vote

28 June 2016 18:00:38 News - The Bulletin

So where did Paul McCartney land on Brexit?The former Beatle told The Washington Post that, in the end, he couldn't decide whether the United Kingdom should stay or go. Sounding more torn about his decision than outspoken, McCartney said he couldn't get to the polls to vote on whether to remain or leave the European Union because of his ongoing tour.But he said that even if he had been in town, he likely wouldn't have voted anyway."I think like a lot of people, I was

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Trump promised millions to charity. We found less than $10,000 over 7 years.

28 June 2016 18:00:38 News - The Bulletin

In May, under pressure from the news media, Donald Trump made good on a pledge he made four months earlier: He gave $1 million to a nonprofit group helping veterans' families.Before that, however, when was the last time that Trump gave any of his own money to a charity?If Trump stands by his promises, such donations should be occurring all the time. In the past 15 years, Trump has promised to donate earnings from a wide variety of his money-making enterprises: "The Apprentice."

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Benghazi panel says Clinton should have been aware of dangers

28 June 2016 18:00:37 News - The Bulletin

Hillary Clinton should have realized that extremists posed a risk to U.S. officials in Libya before the September 2012 attacks in Benghazi, according to early excerpts given to CNN from a Republican-led report on the episode.The intelligence available suggested that an attack was possible and Clinton and a top aide, Patrick Kennedy, should have realized the risks posed to the diplomatic mission in Benghazi, according to the report by a committee from the House of Representatives which

Více All News Time28 June 2016 18:00:37

Analysis: Donald Trump had the wrong response to Orlando, and this poll proves it

28 June 2016 18:00:37 News - The Bulletin

Hillary Clinton has reestablished her advantage over Donald Trump on dealing with terrorism following the candidates' very different reactions to the nation's largest-ever mass shooting in Orlando, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.By a 50-to-39 percent margin, more say they trust Clinton than Trump to handle terrorism -- similar to her 54-40 edge in March but wider than her narrow three-point edge in May after Trump became the Republican Party's presumptive nominee.

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Is home care a cheaper option than nursing facilities in Georgia?

28 June 2016 17:57:50 Atlanta Business News - Local Atlanta News | Atlanta Business Chronicle

Long-term care services are increasing across the country, but home health costs in Georgia remained flat, according to Genworth Financial Inc.'s 2016 cost of care study. Private and semi-private nursing home costs are are up in Georgia, but home services as a separate category has not increased. The cost savings from using home care instead of a facility-based setting can save Georgians up to $41,184 a year. At least 70 percent of Georgians over age 65 need some type of long-term care services. In…

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Frisch's Big Boy has a new look

28 June 2016 17:57:49 Atlanta Business News - Local Atlanta News | Atlanta Business Chronicle

The Big Boy has been an icon for restaurant chain Frisch's since the 1940s, and now the mascot has a new look. Big Boy bulked up. The chubby, cheery cherub is looking a little more buff and a little more mature in his new incarnation, seen below. Frisch's unveiled the new design on Tuesday morning. The company's new CEO Jason Vaughn also gave reporters a tour of the redesigned Covington, Ky., restaurant, which will serve as a model for new restaurants going forward. This post will be updated at…

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What Happens When You Love a Child Regina Louise

28 June 2016 17:51:48 US – The Epoch Times

It wasn’t until Regina Louise was 13 years old that she felt as though somebody loved her. Abandoned by her parents, beaten by those who were supposed to care for her, she felt completely alone in the world. Unable to …

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Plane Crash-Lands On Detroit Street, 2 Injured

28 June 2016 17:51:47 US – The Epoch Times

DETROIT — A small plane that had been trailing a banner over crowds gathered for a fireworks display crash-landed in a Detroit residential street, injuring the pilot and a bystander who was electrocuted by a power line that the aircraft …

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Pope Emeritus Benedict: 65 Years a Priest

28 June 2016 17:50:08 The Daily Register

By FATHER RAYMOND J. DE SOUZA | On June 29, the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI celebrates the 65th anniversary of his priestly ordination. It will be will be a day of pairs. The twin princes of the apostles — Peter and...

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Band Camp returns to Henderson State University

28 June 2016 17:49:02 News - Arkadelphia Siftings Herald - Arkadelphia, AR

Band camp has always been a fun and exciting way for students of all ages and level of experience.

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US first lady promotes learning to empower Moroccan girls

28 June 2016 17:45:12 FOX News

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama met with Moroccan teenage girls on Tuesday to promote education in the North African kingdom, where only 36 percent of girls continue school beyond the primary level.

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Connecticut moves ahead with lifeguard cuts; staffing hours at Hammonasset already reduced

28 June 2016 17:45:12 RSS Feed from The Middletown Press:

Following the death of a young boy at Torrington's Burr Pond State Park Sunday evening, officials with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said Monday they will continue with plans to reduce lifeguard coverage at state parks as a cost-saving measure.

Více All News Time28 June 2016 17:45:12

Why do so many pop stars die young?

28 June 2016 17:38:40 - RSS Channel - Entertainment

Is being a superstar incompatible with a long, healthy life? Are there certain conditions that are more likely to cause a star's demise?

Více Entertainment Time28 June 2016 17:38:40